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Bottarga Sara

Maison Petal

Branding, e-marketing strategy and e-commerce.

Branding, concept and e-commerce. 




Branding, e-marketing strategy and corporate website.

Branding, e-marketing and technological development Blockchain based in solutions.



Micro Energies Web-site

Creating a new brand image for the Canadian company Micro Energies with the creation of its corporate website highlighting services and promoting available renewable energy products. Request a free quote for your project.

Branding, concept, technological development, e-marketing strategy and e-commerce for the first blockchain IP solution for Artist


Batimaitre Branding & web-site

Danone Activia - Marketing Viral

Brand image creation for the company BÂTIMAITRE and orientation of the marketing attraction strategy.

Bâtimaître specializes in residential construction and renovation in Montreal and the South Shore.

Danone has enlisted Drissi Attraction for the creation of a website dedicated to its Activia yogurt with ActiRegularis bifidus.

On this site, internet users have the opportunity to post their audio, video, or written testimonials on the benefits of this yogurt in their daily lives. This section, titled "Share and Win," rewards the most original testimonial. A more scientific part outlines the health benefits of this yogurt on digestive health.


Chevrolet Aveo Branding

Sodexo Pop - up

SODEXO is the world leader in quality of life services. Sodexo has called upon Drissi Attraction for the marketing attraction of its advertisements at point of sale locations.

With a culture focused on the well-being and prosperity of its employees, we have honored one of their employees as a model of motivation and well-being as the focal point of our marketing attraction strategy.

Création d'une campagne promotionnelle pour la marque Chevrolet de G.M. (General Motors). La met en avant le modèle campagne Aveo de Chevrolet. D'autres créations ont suivi pour les modèles « Optra ». La campagne est couronnée de succès grâce au nombre de visite sur le site www.chevrolet.com généré depuis le lancement de la campagne et l'attraction marketing des clients.


Facebook Citroen

NK App

Citroën has enlisted D.A. Marketing for the creation and management of a Facebook page and the promotion of its brand through various contests. Take advantage of our expertise and enjoy a free consultation via the link below.

NK Conseils has called upon DA Marketing to develop a web application so that its clients can access a streaming training program.

The solution is in web cache, intended exclusively for NK Conseils' private clientele.

It thus sets itself apart from all the image consulting firms, thanks to a strategy of differentiation and exclusivity.


e-Flyer+Flyer WJJones

PortaPorte catalogue virtuelle

Unilever Sunsilk strategie 360

Porta a Porta enlisted DA Marketing for the creation of a virtual tour of a showroom providing access to a wide range of products intended for their resellers.

Sunsilk, the famous hair care brand, enlisted Drissi Attraction for the creation of a 360 Marketing Attraction campaign showcasing its new range: Sunsilk Co-Creations. This is actually a range of hair care products co-created with 7 hair experts with the goal of offering a solution tailored to every hair problem (brittle, damaged, colored, etc.). As part of a contest for the election of Miss Sunsilk Co-creation 2010, Drissi Attraction set up a shooting box.

WiJones enlisted DA Marketing to structure the presentation of its services. We outlined WJJones' services in 3 points through the work of a specialized writer. Subsequently, we chose clear iconography while respecting WiJones' color code. On the second page, we transcribed the Incoterms, which are the "rights and duties" of buyers and sellers involved in international and national exchanges. This gives utility to the e-flyer.

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